Virgil Abloh Shares His Creative Process Through Music While Designing for Louis Vuitton 

DJ, Artist, Furniture Designer, and newly pronounced Menswear Designer for Louis Vuitton. Virgil Abloh gives us a look into his creative mind while prepping and designing for his first ever runway show as the Louis Vuitton Menswear Designer through a podcast he created and released to Apple Music yesterday. He simultaneously continues to be the Creative Director of Off-White, the high-end streetwear fashion house he built from the ground up just 6 years ago. 

Titled, “Televised Radio” (kept in quotes, per usual) the podcast-styled playlist, if you will, is filled with mellow, jazzy beats intertwined with Virgil’s latest club rap favorites and live conversations straight from the Louis Vuitton design studio where he works on making art, music, and fashion. 

If this podcast reflects his creative mind like it comes across to the audience as, then we are in-store for quite the show on Thursday, taking place where Louis Vuitton was birthed, Paris. 

We have seen Virgil’s phantasm with irony, practicality, a “life in quotes”, and a fusion of classical art with fashion rise through his Off-White designs, but what will he have to alter in order to conform to the traditional, monogrammed, business-style brand Louis Vuitton has forged over the centuries? 

“Respect the past history.” he says, “This collection will focus on the marriage between art and fashion.” 

Through this line you will see how Virgil bridges the gap between LV’s vastly known accessories and their undermined ready-to-wear clothing with a specific piece Abloh designed that sounds to be like the next closet staple. 

Virgil debuted his first design for LV at the 2018 Met Gala. The hand-sewn and beaded vest captured the Heavenly Bodies theme perfectly. It was a true stained-glass piece of art seen in cathedrals all over Europe reimagined in a different art medium, fashion. 

Today, Virgil posted the first look inside the monogramless LV trunk to his Instagram. 

This accessory doubles as a record holder and briefcase to shield your jacket from “smoky clubs” and “spilled drinks” 

Designed for DJ’s and musical fashion enthusiast, like Abloh himself. 

As the song J. L. T. by T2 fades out Virgil’s calm voice opens up. A recording of his real-time live reactions to his first look at the final design samples he has been working day n’ night creating for the past couple months, 

“These glasses are insane,” he said with a specific tone of voice that emphasized the emotional connection he has with the creation of this accessory. Using inspiration from the time he saw Pharrell Williams wearing the Millionaire glasses backstage at a Marc Jacobs show to create this eyewear that comes in “all types of crazy colors” he uttered in the melody of RAF by A$AP Mob. 

Music drives Abloh’s creative process. His focus on the jazz wave will reflect through his pieces in Thursday night’s show. With electric-jazz band BADBADNOTGOOD performing live on the runway, a major focal point will be on the audio, not just fashion. Making audio the ruler of this show allows the pieces to speak louder than they would at a typical fashion show. Putting more thought into the sounds that correlate with the looks and pieces, curates a new wave of art that will bring together every one of the audiences’ sensory details. A new generation of art is being birthed right in front of our eyes. 

Following the show will be a party where Virgil’s vision of recreating the “after party” to be a “music series” will come to life. The first half of the party will be like a seated concert event, where the same group that performed live at the 7 to 8 minute fashion show will play a true set list of their music. Following that the R&B rap group THEM. will be performing followed by 5 to 6 of Abloh’s favorite DJ’s and maybe a cameo performance from the designer himself. 

24 hours prior to the LV show is Virgil’s Off-White SS19 show, which he also creative directed for. 

Being a living example of a creative mind never being at rest, Virgil says lightheartedly with a chuckle, “work ethic is free so spend it.” 

Watch the Louis Vuitton SS19 Menswear Fashion Show Thursday June 21st on Instagram and at 

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By Jordan Hartmann for Fashion Media