Prepare For The Stars Of The Red Carpet Season

We’ve nearly reached the most exciting time of the year for film lovers, celebrity watchers, and fashion fanatics alike. In the coming months, we’ll welcome in the award season during which the best cinematic achievements of 2017 will be recognized. It’s always a great deal of fun. We can debate which films and individuals will win which honors, we can host viewing parties and make mini-holidays out of the occasions – and best of all, we can tune in early to take in the red carpet arrivals. If you’re interested in these sorts of things, there’s just nothing quite like watching Hollywood’s brightest stars strutting their stuff before major shows!

Of course, we have no way of knowing just yet what the stars of the red carpet will look like. The “best dressed” lists that popup after these events don’t necessarily correspond with the people who are most prominently featured in the shows. But this year it seems as if there are a few major stars destined to draw our eyes on the red carpets and the big stages alike. These are our early guesses at red carpet stars to keep an eye out for.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone just about rules Hollywood these days. Indeed, while Meryl Streep will be the de facto Queen of Cinema for as long as she continues working, Stone has joined Jennifer Lawrence as one of the apparent queens-in-waiting. Originally known more for comedy roles, Stone has exploded into serious cinema of late. She had a supporting role in the Oscar winning project Birdman and then won her own Best Actress award for her wonderful work in 2016’s La La Land. She may well be in line for another Best Actress nomination after portraying a young Billie Jean King in the film Battle Of The Sexes, which would make her one of the most prominent figures at award shows yet again. Throw in the fact that Stone has several wonderful red carpet looks to her credit already – as well as that she is now the face of Louis Vuitton and she’s certainly an actress to watch for.

Jackman is always a vision when he decides to show up on the red carpet. If you were to pick a handful of well-known actors who look best in tuxes, he’s certainly make the list; indeed, some have even suggested he could play a more rugged James Bond for this very reason! Jackman will likely have more than enough reason to make himself seen at the 2018 award shows. His final X-Men film, Logan, could receive some minor recognition; but his forthcoming movieThe Greatest Showman, an original musical biopic about P.T. Barnum, could well be in play for major awards (including a Best Actor Oscar for Jackman himself).

Gal Gadot

There appears to be a misconception out there that the character of Wonder Woman came out of nowhere. That’s not to say people are unaware of the comic book character, but they might be somewhat blind to her relatively large presence in pop culture. Wonder Woman has been the subject of attempted (though admittedly failed) films in the past. She’s a very prominent comic book hero, and has also been attached to popular video games including Injustice, Injustice 2, DC Universe Online, and a Justice League Online Slot game in which various characters “battle to save the world” through a slot reel.

Wonder Woman is nothing new. What’s new is Gal Gadot’s stardom, and it’s spectacular. This impressive young woman has seized not only the on-screen role but the responsibility of being the first female lead in a superhero movie. She’s an outstanding example, her film will be part of the shows, and she always looks effortlessly spectacular. She’s a good bet to “win” red carpets this season.

Tom Hanks

Hanks has never been Hollywood’s “prettiest” male star, but he’s always been among the classiest, and that certainly matters on the red carpet. He has the rare ability to look like cinematic royalty and to seem approachable at the same time, which also gets points. Hanks seems to come and go at these shows, but this year he ought to command his share of the spotlight. His movie The Post is expected to be a major awards contender.

Margot Robbie

Let’s simply be clear: there are few stars, male, female, young or old, who are quite as stunning as Margot Robbie these days. The Australian actress who introduced herself to much of the world in The Wolf Of Wall Street is always a vision, and she has more reason than ever to make a strong showing on red carpets. By many accounts, Robbie has found the role of her young career, portraying the troubled and dramatic figure skater Tonya Harding in I, Tonya.

Daniel Kaluuya

Kaluuya is a little bit of a wild card in terms of contention for major awards, but his name keeps coming up as a potential dark horse. In fact, even Gold Derby a site dedicated to following Oscar races, mentioned that Kaluuya shouldn’t be counted out of a wide open race (though with folks like Hackman and Hanks, as well as major actors like Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis in the fight, we’d disagree that it’s wide open). Either way, Kaluuya’s breakout film, Get Out, is going to get some nominations here and there. It should raise the profile for this talented and handsome young actor, who has a chance to introduce his stylish side to us all on his way in and out of the different shows.

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