Mel B walks off stage on America’s got Talent

It was a pretty rough night on the judges panel on Americas got Talent (Tuesday, August 22) when Mel B threw a cup of a water at Simon Cowell because of an unsuseptible remark he made about Mel B’s wedding night.

Mel B is already having rough year, she’s going through a divorce with estranged husband Stephen Belafonte. When Simon Cowell made a joke about Mel B’s wedding night after it apeared magician Demian Aditya’s trick did not turn out the way it was planned too. “I kind of imagined this would be like Mel B’s wedding night”. Mel B did not take the joke lightly, she grabbed her cup of water and threw it at Simon, then stormed off the stage during the live show. “Mel B is out! this is live tv ya’ll this is live tv” said host Tyra Banks.

However, Mel B did come back to the panel to finish the show. She reportedly told Hunffington Post UK ” I told him he was an Asshole, and he goes “oh whatever”.

On the contrary, many of the talents made huge impressions on judges last night.

9 year old Celine Tam blew the crowed away when she sang the 1998 Prince of Egypt ballad by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston “When you Believe”. The crowed chanted and gave a standing ovation.

Johny Manuel (little Johny) 28, stoled the show after his version of “And I am telling you” from Dream Girls. Cowell applauded the performance and said “I mean, this is an absolute compliment, you are a diva! this is what you do so well” Cowell said.

The emotional performance by thirteen year old Evie Clair sang a moving cover of Birdys “wings” on piano. The thirteen year old who dedicated the song to her father who is batling colon cancer. “I am so very proud of you for  being on that stage now for the third time and being as strong as you are” said judge Heidi Klum. “You have the most incredible voice, I think you are really really special”.

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