Anna Butkevich exclusive interview, talks New York Fashion Week and more!

We caught up with Model, actress Anna Butkevich during New York Fashion week and she talked about her career and her experience while in NY 

Tell me about your NYFW experience and walking for the Nolcha show. What did
you love about being there and participating with that designer? 

Even though I have taken part in fashion shows before like Paris, it was an important
experience for me since it my first fashion show in New York. New York is one of the
biggest Capital cities in the world Fashion and it seems to me like everyone here at the
shows is very fashionable. The collection that I presented was very exceptional and new
for me. I had a feeling that this collection was specially designed for a classy Hollywood
action movie.

 How long have you been acting? What made you fall in love with the craft initially?
I’ve been acting for more than 4 years now in which I’ve done many roles in multiple
languages were such as English, Russian, Ukrainian and French. I also play in music
videos and participated in TV shows.

Give me a background on your acting background – big breaks, favorite roles, etc.

Playing in movies is an opportunity for me to feel different people’s characters since it
help me understand the inside of a person and their actions. I have played various roles in
the movie acting such as Tatiana in the Russian CIA agent stands out the most for me so
far. Not to mention that I played with Scott Adkins. He is a great actor to work with on
the set. In one of the scenes I tortured him breaking his fingers with a hammer. (I am not

 What about singing? How long have you been singing? Give me a background on
your singing history.

It has been for a while now in the music industry. After creating a song for my TV and
radio show, producers proposed me to record a more tracks. Following an airplay on the
radio I got positive feedback which led to an idea of creating an album.
You have been in 2 music videos and you have one coming out soon. Tell us about that. Are these your own songs? And you are singing, acting, and dancing in them? Tell me more about that.

I intend to release my new music video is this month, in which I demonstrate different
acting skills including dancing, fighting, chasing, driving helicopter and stunts.
Fortunately, I am happy also that model and actor Nick Bateman is part of this video.

Tell me about working on Play for Keeps. What did you love about the role? What
is your role like? What did you learn or love about playing with big stars like Eric
Roberts, etc

In this play, I acted as Magic who is a Marvel character that can appear and disappear,
through an assistance of his powers to travel in portals. My character was very aggressive
participating in many stunts. Eric Roberts, who played my boss helped me how to work
with texts and how to be patient during non-stop 36 hours shooting.
Same thing as above – tell us about Legacy of Lies.
This movie was one of my best in my career, since it gave me a perfect opportunity to
exercise my acting skills
 And tell us about Western – the role, playing with Scot Eastwood, etc. That will be coming up. What are you most looking forward to about that?

This will be very interesting since I’ll be riding the horse, smoking pipe, fighting in
saloon, and sharing drinks with men

 You host a big makeup free talk show in the Ukraine. Tell us about that. How did
that opportunity come about? What kind of tips can people learn from you by
tuning in?

My TV /radio show Make up free is where my guests open up. My questions are
unpredictable and provocative pushing the guests to say nothing but the truth. Moreover,
the show is unique, because viewers and listeners find out unexpected stuff about
celebrities, things that have been hidden before.

Tell us about some of your favorite/most wacky/noteworthy interviews you’ve done with stars on the Make Up Free Show?

The stunning thing about my show is that my guests are always top stars including
famous politicians, musicians, sportsmen, actors. A few but Shevchenko, Malkovich,
Klichko, Stephen Balwin, Oscar de la hoja, Lennox lewes, and Scott adkins. In one of my
shows Scott gave me a master class on martial arts.

Tell us about your healthy lifestyle – you’re gluten free, sugar free, lactose free –
and you have food sold at big events? What is that all about?

Menu for new you. After I was in a Television show for a leading channel where I was
healthy life style expert, I put a lot of effort into developing my unique menu. My menu
is Lactose free, gluten free and sugar free thus very unique and hence has been adopted
by many restaurants in Ukraine. It fits everybody and you don’t need to wait more than 2
weeks to feel the results.

 What do you love most about what you get to do for a living?

I really love acting since it is my passion. Movies give me opportunity to be different
every time, to feel variety of emotions.

Anything coming up that you’d like to do next?
Next season am in discussion to be in the world famous TV show, dancing with the stars.
This chance will be my opportunity to show my dancing skills and I am excited about it.

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