Calling all makeup gurus! Those who were not present at this years Beautycon held in Los Angels missed out on one of the greatest Beauty events in 2017.  Chrissy Teigen, Zendaya, Adriana Lima, Jaden Smith, Laverne Cox, JoJo Fletcher, Kelly Rowland, and Tracy Ellis Ross were just a few of the many that brought the beauty to Beautycon.

Top beauty brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX, BECCA, Cover Girl, Rumba, Lip Sense, Loreal, Refinery29, Beauty Perfection, Bebella, Jay Manuel Beauty, Viva la Juicy, Honey Bum, Crimes of Beauty and more were present at the convention.

Beautycon is known worldwide. The festival takes place once a year in London, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles. This two-day conference ran through Saturday August 12 -Sunday August 13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Content Creators, celebrities, beauty brands and fans connect together to celebrate “Beauty”.  Beautycon is a community known to commend imperfections and use make-up as a tool. Where people are free to express themselves and glorify the non-traditioanal.

Jay Manuel discussed the new app for Jay Manuel Beauty. This app is a beauty consultant at your finger tips, it includes access to a shade detector, face colors and beauty reccomendations for your eyes, lips and cheeks.

“Jay Manuel beauty has it’s first ever physical presence, its all developed off technology, it’s technology user experience, it literally shows you how you have the full power of major makeup artist and you like have a tutor in your pocket, and thats what the whole experience is about.” -Jay Manuel

Zendaya posed happily with fans at the Cover Girl both. It is a fact that this humble beauty loves to do her own makeup! She gave her best beauty tips to all her fans.

Chrissy Teigen, Kelly Rowland and Adriana Lima were all first timers at Beuatycon. They all gushed about evolution of beauty, technology and make-up.

Adriana Lima expressed her gratitude with technology and beauty collaborations. “Well first of all, I’m so excited to be here at Beautycon and to see all the new technology and all the new trends”. She shared her favorite trend “the bold dark lip” which she rocked to Beautycon.

Another fanatic of the bold dark lip was Chrisy Teigan who also rocked a dark lip to Beautycon. She explained how this was her first time at beautyfcon and how excited she is “I have no idea what to expect!” ” I am excited to see a ton of beautiful ladies who are very excited about makeup and hair…and I feel like I’m their momma” she said.

Kelly Rowland is expressed how excited she is with the you and coming beauty entrepreneur.

“Its all different beauty brands that are here from big ones to up and coming ones which is really exciting to watch” she said.

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