Khloe Kardashian launches Good American Denim Line at Nordstrom

Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede celebrate the launch of their new denim brand, Good American in Los Angeles.


Khloe Kardashian believes that women should not be discriminated against for being too heavy, too thin, or too curvy. That’s why she teamed up with designer Emma Grede to create a line of all encompassing designer denim known as Good American. The duo made their way to an outdoor stage at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday October 18th to celebrate the launch of the brand.


Shortly after 6pm, Kris Jenner took the stage to introduce her reality-mogul-turned-denim-designer daughter. “This is such a proud moment for me as Khloe’s mom because this has been a year in the making,” she told the crowd.” The Good American founders then walked the audience through the story behind how their latest endeavor came to be. “I’m somebody who buys a lot of denim,” revealed Grede. “I spend lots and lots of money making alterations and I thought if I do that, then there must be other people that do it too. I think if you’re spending 160-170 bucks on jeans, the last thing you want to do is actually make a ton of alterations.”


Kardashian, who shared her partner’s distain for jeans shopping, chimed in with her own personal account. “I used to be a girl that would walk into a boutique and they didn’t have my size of denim and I was really body shamed into being too overweight,” she explained. “And I think what was so crucial to Emma and I, was creating a designer denim that was still trendy and cool and edgy that went into a variety of sizes that for some reason, the market feels like they don’t need to produce, which is really unfair.”


To celebrate the brand’s launch, Kardashian highlighted her signature backside in a pair of fitted Good Legs ankle length jeans from the collection. She also sported a lacy strapless body suit that featured a backless cutout detailing and wore her hair long and wavy. Jenner wore black high waisted Good Legs jeans, while Grede opted for a similar yet distressed pair. Towards the end of the evening, the Good American founders summoned their team of “Good Squad” ambassadors to the stage to model their full product line for the crowd. Among those in the group were Kardashian pal’s Malika and Khadijah Haqq.


“I am so incredibly proud of Khloe, not just because she’s created a denim line but now everyone else gets to experience what Khadijah and I know about her; she’s very selfless and she always thinks about everyone else,” Malika told the crowd. “We are all going to be able to wear the exact same thing despite your size. 0 to 24 is very broad. It’s never been done before. I’m proud of her for that!” Her sister agreed, adding that the line is especially generous to recent moms. “Since I happen to be one of the mommy figures, this cut fits good,” she explained. “If you’re still trying to work off some of that belly mommies, get The Good Cut.”


Gabbi Gregg, a plus size blogger and recent Good Squad recruit also took a moment to grab the mic and share her praise for the brand. “I just want to thank Khloe for making this denim line,” she proclaimed. “I am obviously a plus size girl and I’m constantly having to go to the tiniest section of the store in the back of the department store trying to find something that works for me. I’m so grateful that someone with such a huge influence and so much personality has stepped out and really made something for all of us. And they fit amazingly and they are really cute so I’m really happy to be a part of The Good Squad.”

“You guys are some badass beauties!” Kardashian exclaimed, of her brand ambassador colleagues. “I love the body confidence, I love the positivity. I’m all about women empowerment.”


Following the presentation, Kardashian posed for photos with 10 lucky winners of a backstage meet and greet. She also snapped selfies with her sister, Kourtney, who watched the presentation from the side stage and took silly SnapChat videos with Kardashian family makeup artist Joyce Bonelli.

Good American jeans are currently available online and sold exclusively in stores at Nordstrom. The entire collection, size 0 to 24, will be displayed together in the main denim section on the woman’s clothing floor. Prices range from $159 to $205.

Good American denim is available at, plus Nordstrom stores around the US and

By: Nicole Pajer For Fashion Media.

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